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2023 Sheru Classic India Pro Show Results


The 2023 Sheru Classic India Pro was held in Mumbai, India, on the weekend of Nov. 17-19, 2023. It featured over 50 pro competitors across five divisions. Each winner of the four men’s and one women’s contests earned qualifications for the 2024 Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas, NV, on Oct. 10-13, 2024.

The champions in Mumbai were Vitor Alves Porto De Oliveira (212), Terrence Ruffin (Classic Physique), Benquil Marigny (Men’s Physique), Rajesh John (Men’s Wheelchair), and Priscila Rodrigues (Bikini).

2023 Sheru Classic India Pro Results

The final placings for all athletes are as follows:

212 Bodybuilding

Vitor Alves Porto De Oliveira (Brazil)
Bhekumuzi “Muzi” Maluleke (South Africa)
Hamed Mahmoud Eini (Iran)
Andrei Melnikov (Russia)
Ahmed Ahmadi (Iran)
Ahmed Talat Elwardany (Egypt)
Sunit Dinkar Jadhav (India)
Ahmed Fawzi (Iraq)
Asmawi Zolkifli (Malaysia)
Anwar Darwish Albalushi (Oman)
Gabor Berek (Hungary)
Glenn Molobela (South Africa)

Classic Physique

Terrence Ruffin (USA)
Ali Pouladvand (Iran)
Chittanya Prabhu (India)
Anand Yadav (India)
Chand Mondal (India)
Julian Lee Ramdhari (South Africa)
Deepak Nanda (India)
Abdulaziz Al-Murshedi (Kuwait)
Piyush Raj (India)
Rajesh Yadav (India)
Mohammed Mobin (India)

Men’s Physique

Benquil Marigny (USA)
Karim Esmat (Kuwait)
Vardhan Malhorta (India)
Anik Ghosh (India)
Lovepreet Singh (India)
Imran Khan (India)
Mahmoud Ibrahim (Egypt)
Manoj Patil (India)
Raj Kumar Paswan (India)
Mahmoud Elsabagh (Egypt)
Mohammad Afroz Khichi (India)
Surojit Day (India)
Mimoh Yuvras Kamble (India)
Harvinder Singh (India)
Loay Laith Bebe (Iraq)

Men’s Wheelchair

Rajesh John (India)
Eugeno Molino (Italy)
Anand Arnold (India)


Priscila Rodrigues (Brazil)
Navreet Josan (India)
Alessia Facchin (Italy)
Oleksandra Khovcyeh (Ukraine)
Ekaterina Nikolaevna Dunaevskaia (Russia)
Alina Bogacheva (Kyrgyzstan)
Natali Koursari (Greece)
Daria Sulzhenko (Russia)
Vaishali Sonalker (India)
Liana Moroz (Russia)
Rutuja Hegshetye (India)
Opekinova Ekaterina (Russia)
Sarina Pani (India)

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212 Bodybuilding Winner — Vitor Alves Porto De Oliveira

This was De Oliveira’s first pro win and Olympia 212 qualification. It came with all first-place votes from the judges over second-place finisher Bhekumuzi “Muzi” Maluleke. De Oliveria is seen by many fans and insiders as a future contender for the Olympia title. This was his first major step in bringing that speculation to fruition.

Classic Physique Winner — Terrence Ruffin

There were several additions to the Classic Physique lineup by the time pre-judging began. Those roster additions didn’t affect Terrence Ruffin, who dominated the show for gold. Ruffin ranked fifth in the 2023 Classic Physique Olympia, so he needed a pro win to return to the Olympia in 2024.

Men’s Physique Winner — Benquil Marigny

Fifteen athletes took to the stage in the Men’s Physique contest, and Benquil Marigny was crowned champion. Only one round was needed for the judges to make the decision. It marked Marigny’s fifth career victory.

Men’s Wheelchair Winner — Rajesh John

Rajesh John made his Men’s Wheelchair pro debut at this contest. He scored his first pro win and Olympia qualification in an upset over the more experienced Eugeno Molino (second) and Anand Arnold (third).

Bikini Winner — Priscila Rodrigues

Priscila Rodrigues was crowned Bikini champion at this contest over runner-up Navreet Josan and third-place finisher Alessia Facchin. Rodrigues tried four times to qualify for the 2023 Olympia unsuccessfully but is locked in for the 2024 contest.

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