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2023 Ben Weider Naturals Pro Show Results

The Ben Weider Naturals Pro show was held in the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center in Alexandria, VA, on Friday, Nov. 17, 2023. It featured nine IFBB Pro League contests. Eight of the nine divisions offered 2024 Olympia Weekend qualifications to their respective winners. The only exception was the Men’s Open show.

2023 Ben Weider Naturals Pro Show Results

Over 80 competitors competed across all divisions, and the results of those contests are below, courtesy of the scorecards on the IFBB Pro League website:

Men’s Open

Eric Salazar (USA)
Greg Grant (USA)

212 Bodybuilding

Keiva Bundy (Canada)
Peter Boncardo (Canada)

Classic Physique

Han Jin Choi (Korea)
Lenny Wicks (USA)
DeVon Causey (USA)
Chuck Mauceri (USA)
Jesse Valencia Jr. (USA)
Kim Chan Young (South Korea)
Jamie LeRoyce McTizic (USA)
Stephen Webley (USA)
John Puskarich (USA)
Guifeng Xu (China)
Will Usher (USA)

Men’s Physique

Kadeem Hillman (USA)
Chien-Hsin Chen (Taiwan, R.O.C)
Torre Washington (USA)
Cedric Miller (USA)
Tyler James (USA)
Jamar Watkins (USA)
Ikenna Amaliri (USA)
Darnell Chatman (USA)
Hyung Jae Woo (South Korea)
Toby Owen (United Kingdom)
Ahmad Mustafa (Canada)
Frank Griffin (USA)
Dennis Dogbatse (USA)
Dev Maxwell (USA)
Michael Williams (USA)

Tied for 16th

Luther Bradford (USA)
Mitchell Moss (USA)
Timothy Robertson (USA)

Women’s Physique

Andrea Alonso (USA)
Lee Ann Thompson (USA)
Samantha Every (Canada)
Janessa Roy (Canada)
Jehina Malik (USA)


Michelle Gales (USA)
Andrea Glass (USA)
Abby Bolton (Canada)
Ashley Downes (USA)
Aurika Tyrgale (Russia)
Rosie Burr (United Kingdom)
Ellie Ambs (USA)


Shanice Abrams (USA)
Rose Black (Australia)
Florencia Hunt (USA)
Shea Crotty (New Zealand)
Chelsea Mooney (Canada)
Jennifer Johnson (USA)
Amy Harris Willock (United Kingdom)
Dekel Quant (USA)
Rebecca Coons (Canada)
Michelle Soares (Canada)


Brittany Shulman (USA)
Lizzy Cunningham (USA)
Toniesha Gaddis (USA)
Africa Sanz (USA)
Emily Olivia Harper Hemming (United Kingdom)
Jennifer Lynch (USA)
Noel Zayour (USA)
Flora Wang (USA)
Shaneeka Harmonson (USA)
Janine Herrera (USA)
Leslie Billups (USA)
Biana Van Wyk (USA)
Milene Lingiardi (USA)
Hikaru Sarah Dundore (USA)
Larissa Midkiff (USA)

Tied for 16th

Anais Biron (Canada)
Cassie Hunter (United Kingdom)
Kasie L. Rodriguez (USA)
Annabel Da Silva (USA)


Alisha Sturkie (USA)
Carie Bradshaw (USA)
Maria Rita Penteado (USA)
Cara Schorn (Canada)
Mizel Cataquiz (Canada)
Dalila Kindermann (USA)
Katharine Yu Huimin  (Singapore)

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Men’s Open Winner — Eric Salazar

Eric Salazar was the only entrant in this show initially, but new pro Greg Grant put his pro card to use and joined Salazar. Salazar got the better of Grant and took the win. It’s Salazar’s first victory in the pro ranks.

212 Bodybuilding Winner —Keiva Bundy

In a matchup of two Canadian athletes, Keiva Bundy won over Peter Boncardo to secure a 2024 Olympia 212 qualification. This was Bundy’s first win in the pro ranks.

Classic Physique Winner — Han Jin Choi

Lenny Wicks was the defending champion of this show, but Han Jin Choi dethroned him to claim a 2024 Classic Physique Olympia spot. This was Han Jin Choi’s pro debut, first pro win, and first Olympia qualification. 

Men’s Physique Winner — Kadeem Hillman

Kadeem Hillman has had an impressive 2023. He placed first in the NPC Junior USA Championships and the 2023 NPC Universe before making his pro debut in this contest. Hillman started the year as an amateur but ended it with an Olympia qualification.

Women’s Physique Winner — Andrea Alonso

Andrea Alonso made the trip from Florida to Virginia to take on four rivals in the Women’s Physique contest. Alonso returned to the Sunshine State with a pro win. She appeared much better in this show than her fifth-place finish in the 2023 Daytona Pro. She is now qualified for the 2024 Olympia.

Fitness Winner — Michelle Gales

The top of the Fitness division podium came down to a single point. Michelle Gales barely outranked Andrea Glass, both of whom were on top of their games. Gales ranked third in this contest in 2022 but left Alexandria as the champion in 2023. Gales is now eligible to make her Fitness Olympia debut in 2024.

Figure Winner — Shanice Abrams

This was Shanice Abrams’ sixth pro show and first pro win of 2023. She ranked fourth in this contest in 2021 and didn’t compete in 2022. Rose Black made her pro debut to a second-place finish.

Bikini Winner — Brittany Shulman

Brittany Shulman turned pro at this event in 2022 and made her pro debut the following day, finishing sixth overall. She returned to Virginia for the 2023 edition of the contest and left with gold. This is her first Olympia qualification.

Wellness Winner — Alisha Sturkie

Alisha Sturkie was the 2021 Wellness runner-up but fell to fourth in 2022. Redemption was hers in 2023, thanks to a perfect score from the judges.

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